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??????????????????????This just published, shocking story underlines the cruelty and criminal behaviour that happens all too often in scientology. It has to end.

Here is an excerpt, please read Nora’s whole story.

How I left the #Scientology RPF and why #GoingClear is the most important film of 2015.


Then a month or so later I got in trouble. I was smiling at a fellow RPFer. We were doing our job and I smiled at her. SMILED. I got taken in for an ethics interview to find out if I was trying to have sex with her. If I had kissed her or touched her. I said calmly that this was a joke and I was not going to do this interview. I tried to leave the room. I was forcibly pushed back into my chair. I tried to get my shoes on and leave again. They took my shoes and socks. I tried to walk out again now three people were putting me in the chair. Again I stood up now dragging three people with me towards the door. (It was 15 feet away.) Now more people came to stop me from leaving. They started to push me to the ground. I had more than 9 people piled on top of me. Each of them holding onto a different part of my body trying to stop me from moving. I was coursing with adrenaline. The door was locked. I was pounding on the door with my one free fist and screaming. Someone started opening the door from the other side, I grabbed at the side of the door with both of my hands and pulled it open with all my strength. Somehow I broke free and I ran. But again I was so delusional I ran not from PAC, not as far away as I could. I ran, feet bloodied, hysterical to the security office. I was bleeding from my feet and my nose was fractured. I had blood all over my face. It looked like something from fight club.


Spanky Taylor and escaping scientology


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??????????????????????HBO have a new documentary airing this weekend called “Going Clear; Scientology and the Prison of Belief” and one of the people featured is Spanky Taylor who tells of her experience both within scientology and escaping from it.

This article from The Underground Bunker features an outline of Spanky’s story.

Here is an excerpt:

‘Going Clear’: Spanky Taylor on John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, and escaping Scientology by Tony Ortega

Spanky spent the next seven months in the RPF, housed on the top floor of the main, V-shaped building painted blue you see in great drone shots during the movie Going Clear. In the film, Spanky explains how terrible the conditions were for her, and even worse for her infant daughter. Also, she was pregnant again and was losing weight. She worried about losing both of her children. But then, church officials made a stunning request: Could she get a print of Saturday Night Fever that they could screen for the base’s workers? Shocked, Spanky explained to them that while she was on the RPF, she didn’t even have access to a telephone. But they arranged for her to use one, and she called Travolta’s office, surprising the people there. They hadn’t heard anything about her since she had failed to show up to pick up Travolta at the airport seven months earlier.

She was allowed to use Travolta’s personal print of the film if she agreed to see him, but at the last minute Heber Jentzsch told her to call Travolta (already after midnight, after the screening) and tell him that part was off. Spanky says Travolta was livid. Soon after that, she realized how ill her daughter was, and she decided to make her escape, which is dramatized skillfully in Gibney’s film.

Mareka Brousseau and the Loss of Childhood


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From the Surviving Scientology??????????????????????:

Published on Aug 5, 2014

Mareka Brousseau was born a third generation Scientologist. She discusses her childhood and the harsh conditions in Sea Org nurseries. Mareka signed a Sea Org contract when she was nine years old. Mareka’s mother and stepfather are Haydn and Lucy James.

Her husband John Brousseau did a couple of amazingly revealing interviews with Tony Ortega.

This is a long interview that is worth the time to listen to. Grab a cuppa and listen to this description of a life as a Sea Org child.

The indoctrination of children in scientology


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Published on Dec 13, 2013 ??????????????????????

Stacey Brooks (Young) interviews a young girl raised in the “Cadet Org”. The indoctrination and mind set starts early on. Scientology Inc based schools are hunting grounds for recruiters who get Sea Org contracts signed at a very young age. The Delphi Academy in Oregon is a prime example.
The “Church” has vehemently denied using child labor. Listen to what she says about the manual Labor. The stories of Child Labor are voluminous and confirmed and re-confirmed.

Monique Rathbun’s harassment by scientology


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??????????????????????The Underground Bunker has comprehensive coverage of the latest lawsuit against scientology. This one is unique as Monique Rathbun is not a scientologist and the “Fair Game” she has been subjected to almost defies belief.

Monique states:

From 2010 to the present, the Scientologists have targeted me specifically for harassment. They have worked to drive a wedge between me and my husband, family, and co-workers. Scientology investigators have visited my mother, my father, my former husband, my friends, and my co-workers. The investigators have falsely claimed to all of these contacts that my life is at risk as long as I remain with my husband. These malicious allegations are hateful and distressing.

Presumably because I am a woman, the Defendants seem obsessed with my sexuality. They sent a sex toy to me at my workplace, which was very embarrassing. With their constant surveillance of me, they knew when I was away from the office, at which time they sent flowers to one of my female co-workers with a “romantic” message purporting to be from me. Of course this was distressing to me.

Scientology websites have published bizarre and sometimes vile allegations against me, including false claims that I am a sexual pervert. They have even alleged that I am not even a woman, but a man who has had a secret sex-change operation. So, I have even had my womanhood questioned as part of this sick campaign to inflict maximum emotional distress on me.

To view the full documentation and discussion, go to The Underground Bunker by Tony Ortega.

The sound of scientology disconnection


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This heartbreaking tape is on The Underground Bunker, click the link to listen, or read the transcript.

The series exposed Scientology’s unquenchable thirst for cash donations, and it also exposed Sindy Fagen to the disconnection policy. By going public in a newspaper story critical of the church, she had crossed a line that Scientology members know is a step too far.

Scientologists close to Sindy knew they had a decision to make: disconnect from her or risk being excommunicated themselves.

One woman in particular, who we are not going to name, was especially close to Sindy and had been for many years. She knew, however, that she actually had no choice — if she didn’t immediately disconnect from Sindy, her own status in the church was threatened. In tears, she called Sindy and left a voice message, saying how much she regretted that she would have to disconnect. But with Sindy going so public, she really had no alternative.

Sindy Fagen has held on to that message for two years.

She is only now allowing us to make it public because of Karin Pouw’s recent public declarations that the Church of Scientology does not force disconnection on its members.

Listen to the voice mail message, and decide for yourself.


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a heartfelt letter from a lady called Aisling to an official within scientology. To read the full letter, click on the link below:

John Duignan’s Official Website

I was standing in a doorway in Dublin on a dark and rainy evening back in March 2013.

I’m not from the city so I wasn’t sure which direction I needed to take. A woman came along and stood next to me in the doorway. She noticed I was upset and asked why but I couldn’t tell her because I was ashamed. She went on to offer me her spare umbrella and when I told her I was ok and she should keep it , she told me it was fine and she had a spare one in her bag  . She said this old umbrella had served her well and I was welcome to it. So I took it and said I’d nothing to repay her with and she said if I said a prayer for her that would be plenty. The umbrella is now mine. It’s black with leopard print edges and it was a random act of kindness from a stranger that made me cry.

I don’t know who the woman was but I won’t forget her because what she didn’t know was I couldn’t say a prayer for her or feel I even had the right. I couldn’t tell her I have a different religion because on that night back in March I was ashamed of the religion I was a part of but no longer choose to be a member of.

Justice For Janine


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The church of Scientology promised her a cure for dyslexia using Tom Cruise as an example.  Instead, she had 18 years of her life and her sanity ripped away.

We ask that you please help make this post go viral so that justice can finally be done for this family.

Ex Scientologists, Anons and people who just care about justice who live in South Africa and around the world who can help with free legal advise, helping to set up legal funding in S/A, and people who want to help in other ways, please contact me through the Contact the Author  and leave me your name, e-mail address and how you can help, so I can send it along to Jane.

Jane contacted me and said “I am at my wits end and don’t know what to do.  I have never exposed these crimes.  Besides this they also owe me about 200 Thousand Rand which they refuse to refund.”

She goes on to say “I, live in Cape Town, and am the 62-year old mother of  a 40-year old severely dyslexic daughter Janine, (which disability leaves her functionally illiterate and innumerate and which has increased in severity after being trapped in the cult for 18 years, without life-or work experience, despite the fact that she has mostly spent all of that time on paid services.)”

I asked Jane about her experience in Scientology.  She told me, “I was in for 12 months. I met David Miscavige at St hill. That did it – I was not in for years and years thus not a blind ‘follower’.   That was way back in 1993, but my daughter was stuck in the cult for all these years, until June 2009, when she literally fled in terror one night, from her marital home, taking her 6 year old daughter with her.  Since 1993 I kept a low profile to prevent disconnection.  I thought that the ‘weirdness’ that I detected in the cult, was unique to my family.  I only really found out (that my family was not alone in this boat) in July 2009, when I connected to the Internet to search for the email address of ‘The International Justice Chief’’ – but I found more than what I bargained for when I typed into Google ‘Justice / Scientology’.

I asked her to tell me about Janine.  She responded:

Janine and  Trinity in happier times.

Janine and Trinity in happier times.

“She is currently separated from her husband (Ian Nel, a Patron who lives in Johannesburg with his girlfriend).  Janine is a gentle, trusting soul, but I can testify to the most shocking abuse of my disabled daughter – information that came to my attention since 2009, and especially last year – just before my daughter eventually succumbed under the stressors of 4 years – of being ‘fair gamed’ which lead to her having a devastating nervous breakdown in August 2012, from which she has not yet recovered.  If she was still ‘on lines’ when this happened – I know without a shadow of doubt she would have suffered the same fate as Lisa McPherson. I stood by her side in hospital, day and night and at a moment’s notice as she was hospitalized for four months.

I am now the voice for my daughter, of her extreme abuse in the hands of the cult and her Patron husband.  A life not lived.  At nineteen, my daughter’s life, and her dreams ended in reality, as she was kept under the complete life and mind control – of this Multi-National Corporation trading it’s ‘Science of the mind’ services here in SA.”

Full article here:  http://worldcultwatch.org/justice-for-janine/