The God Discussion Show blog talk radio show called the X Women; Escapes from Scientology:

Our “X-Women” show features brave women who have come out publically and anonymously to share what happened in the church and why they left. These “X-Women” speak out for human rights, despite potential lawsuits or other problems.

Guests include Nancy Many, author of My Billion Year Contract, Claire Headley, a victim of forced abortion policies, Lori Hodgson, whose family has been torn apart because she left Scientology, Sharone Stainforth, who served as a child “messenger” to L. Ron Hubbard, Nefertiti, who escaped from an abusive “RFP” correctional facility and has not seen her children in the 25 years since, and Sautez, a former Sea Org member who has put the panel together.”

The whole show is featured on the above link. If you would like to listen to the show in segments, these are available on the Out of scientology site.