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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is from an excellent article in the Village Voice – well worth reading.

But a decade back, she was so dedicated to the church, she thought she was doing the right thing by disconnecting from her own son.

He had ditched the Sea Org, she explained, because he had stumbled on some things on the Internet. Then, he had become so dedicated to fighting Scientology, he went to college to become a lawyer so he’d be able to challenge the church in court.

In other words, he was a classic “suppressive person” or “SP,” the kind of excommunicated former member that other members in good standing are required to remove completely from their lives — to “disconnect” from them — or risk being declared SPs themselves.

She knew she was in the right, according to church policy, to cut him out of her life.

It’s what happened next that she didn’t account for when she made that decision.

Her son was killed in an automobile accident.

There was no good reason for it. It just happened.

In 2009, when she read the expose by journalists Joe Childs and Tom Tobin and finally came out of the church herself, there was no reunion with her son who would have, no doubt, been thrilled to see her leave David Miscavige’s organization behind.

Struggling with emotion, she told me, “I want anyone who is disconnecting to think about that — will they ever really get another chance to be with that person again?”