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From a Mother to her children.

I would like to apologise to my four children.

To the eldest for my not being strong enough to be your “Mum”.

To you all I apologise for all the times I did not really hear you. For the times I translated your words into the language of Scientology instead of really hearing what you said.

For the times I did not see you, seeing instead “big thetans in little bodies” instead of the child you were, who needed unconditional love.

For the times I was not there when you needed me as I tried to save the world elsewhere.

For not keeping you safe from the influences that led to conflicting views on drugs, authority and approval, (you will know what I mean.)

For subjecting (some of) you to the chaos of the Scientology school as it was established and those gut wrenching times.

You are all terrific and no matter any differences of opinion we may have, I love you.

Love, Mum

From a Daughter to her Mother:

Dear Mom & Dad,

You know that I love you. You know for all your flaws and mistakes in raising me, I forgive you. No one is perfect and now that I am myself a mother I know how difficult it is to make the right choices in parenting.

Although… there is one thing that I cannot forgive you for mom and dad. I cannot forgive you for knowing all of the abuses that I suffered at the hands of the church and choosing to side with them instead of me.

I am your daughter. I am your first born. How could you choose some group of people who have never really done anything for you, over me? It hurts. I am almost 30 but I still cry myself to sleep at night sometimes when I think of all of the hurt I have had in my life because of your involvement in the church. I told you about the molestations, the starvation and sleep deprivation. Never mind the 18 hour workdays I endured for my teenage years. I told you about the verbal and emotional abuse. I told you about my friends who were forced to get abortions. I told you everything. Your response was to sic your DSA on me to “handle” me. Shame on you. I hope for the sake of my darling brothers that you some day snap out of it and realize what you have done with your lives for the past 29 years. I hope that you catch yourselves before the boys get recruited. I hope it happens before it’s not too late to save your other children from such horrors that I endured.

And that, my dear parents, is all I have to say about that.

I love you. It is never too late to redeem yourselves.

Love, Your Daughter