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The following is a transcript from the God Discussion Show

Lori on Friday Jan 4, 2013

Thank you for having me on your show!
I would like to start off with that I was not aware of what could happen to my children when they turn 15….it was a nightmare! I’m happy to hear that Katie Holmes was aware enough to leave scientology and is trying hard to keep Suri  far away from them.

My daughter Jessica was recruited to work for Scientology behind my back at age 15.  She was an honor roll student and wanted to go to college to be a Veterinarian.  But after she went down to the Organization with my ex husband, she was shown a scientology recruiting movie that completely manipulated her goals and dreams!!   She came home and told me she wanted to get her GED and work full-time for Scientology at our local Organization.  I did not agree and fought the Church to keep her in school and get a proper education!

After much harassment,  I finally agreed for her to go back to a Scientology school and finish her High School Education there.  Little did I know that they planned to have her graduate after 4 months and she got a NON ACCREDITED High School Diploma.   She signed a 5 year staff contract at age 16 and they sent her to Florida for training.  After a couple of months, she got homesick and came back to do her training near home.  She didn’t like being on staff and broke her 5 year contract.  As a result of leaving, she was assigned a $12,000 debt approximately for her training and 100 hours of amends for deciding to leave before she fulfilled her contract.

I’m going to move on to my son Jeremy, but if you are interested to know more….my full story is “A Mothers Heartbreak” on Aida Thomas’s Blog.

2 years later I had to have a knee replacement and when I was recovering from the surgery my ex took my son Jeremy (he was only 15 years old ) down to Scientology for a Sea Org Recruiting event behind my back!! Jeremy was brainwashed and manipulated to sign a billion year contract to work for the church, quit school and move to Florida and give his life to scientology!











Jeremy came home from the event and while I was in a lot of pain from my knee surgery he said he wanted to join the Sea Org and leave soon.  I was very upset by this and said ” No!  you can decide that when your 18 years old!!!!” I was against this and fought it for 6 months. They broke me down….slamming on my door while I was still trying to recover, pressuring my family and constantly harassed me. I ended up back in the hospital because of having no rest from the harassment and finally let Jeremy go.  They didn’t give up until they had my son! I knew if I didn’t agree with Scientology I would lose my son because they would have declared me back then.  I felt I had no choice and I was physically not doing well because my knee replacement the doctor put in was too big.

I had to have another knee surgery 6 months later and while I was in the hospital my daughter Jessica says goodbye to me as she was also coerced into joining the Sea Org.  The following day I was so devastated from losing both my children to Scientology that I went into shock and almost lost my life!  My Dad was with me and had to get help … the Medical Response Team came in and saved my life. Thank God my Dad was there.

Jessica lasted 1 month in Florida, hated it and routed out.  She told me that she wanted to leave after day 3 and they kept her there against her will for 1 month. Jeremy lasted 7 months and he routed out.  While he was gone in the Sea Org and I was in all the physical pain from my knee surgery I called him daily and was only able to talk to him 5xs in 7 months!  He told me he cried every night to come home which was kept from me.  When he decided to leave, they made him stay off the base for several days in a separate building with a security guard from Scientology keeping an eye on him.  I remember talking to him on Thanksgiving Day and found this out…… I asked him how his dinner was and he said ” Mom I’m not allowed to be around anyone because I want to leave so I didn’t  get a Thanksgiving dinner.  I was beyond upset! It took me all day to get through on the phone to be able to talk to him.

I later found out that Scientology made him sign a 3 million dollar gag contract to never discuss what happened while he was in the Sea Org!  He also had no official schooling and only got paid about 25-30 dollars a week.  The Sea Org promised me that my son would get his education and be able to talk to me anytime. The Sea Org knew Jeremy wanted a girlfriend so they told him that there are lots of pretty girls there and when he was there he wasn’t even allowed to barely look at them!

EVERY PROMISE THE SEA ORG GAVE ME WAS BROKEN !!!! They lie just to get your kids!!!!

After going through this ordeal with my children I resigned from the Church of Scientology.  You can never say anything negative about the church or you are declared.  I was declared a Suppressive person because I disagreed with what they did to my kids!

Jessica and Jeremy were forced to Disconnect from me.  It’s been 2 years this coming February.  They are not allowed to talk to me.  Even when my son had a serious motorcycle accident a year ago and was in Emergency I was not allowed to see him.  I didn’t even know if he was critical or not!   As a mother this was really traumatic!  I went around the back of the ER and stood by the door waiting for someone to come out.  I finally saw a Nurse and by then I was crying because I couldn’t find out any information about my son.  I explained to the nurse that I had resigned from The Church of Scientology and because of that , Scientology and my Ex are keeping me from my son!!  I asked if I could please see my son.  The Nurse said he couldn’t do that, but that I could write a note to Jeremy and he would make sure Jeremy receives it.  I wrote my son a note asking if he is okay and that I Love Him and want to see him.   The nurse was able to give Jeremy the note while my Ex was out of the room  talking to the Doctor.

Jeremy read it in front of the Nurse and told him to tell me he will be okay and that he just cant see anyone.  I was so relieved that Jeremy was able to respond and happy that he got my note.

The next day I went to the hospital and waited outside the surgery unit. Something changed and I was able to see my son.  I think since it was a big Scientology flap in the News from not being able to see my son in the ER, Scientology got worried what I would do next if I couldn’t see my son the next day in the hospital.  I was not going to be quiet that’s for sure!

When Jeremy got out of surgery the Doctor asked to speak to the Mother and I was right there.  When he got to his room I went right in to see him and told him I’ve been here all day and that I’m glad he is going to be okay. I told him I loved him and he said he loved me back!! My daughter hugged me and that’s the last time I saw and talked to my kids!!!

Two Christmas’s  ago I took my best friend Beth with me to deliver some Christmas Presents to my kids house.  I planned it so I would possibly go when my son was home.  After I dropped the presents off on their doorstop as I left, Jeremy drove by in his tan truck.  It was dark and I didn’t know it was him until we passed each other.  He drove down to the end of the street and turned around.  I drove down to see him and he was on the phone with someone.  He then slowly drove by me and wouldn’t stop.  He went to the end of the road and hesitated for a couple of minutes then took off.  I wasn’t going to follow him and chase him down.  I wanted to give him the chance to stop and talk to me.  I know he has been terrified by Scientology and his father to not talk with me.

Two weeks later my daughter Jessica was ordered to give back my Christmas presents that I gave her and Jeremy.  She put the unopened presents on my doorstep when I was out of town. This is a prime example of how manipulative the Church of Scientology really is!

Both of my children have told me that they will only talk to me IF I get back in Good Standing with Scientology and do the steps needed to do that.  I told them I am not a part of scientology anymore and I can not do that!

I wrote my children an “Open Letter” and asked all my family and friends to share it with them.  I still do not know if they were able to read it.

I have heard from some of my family that Scientology is telling my kids that their mom is crazy and to stay away.  That I am a Declared Suppressive Person now … which scientology considers is an evil person.   All because I fought for my parental rights and disagreed with what they did with my kids!

After I resigned, I was threatened in my parking lot by John Allender a Scientologist.  He asked me  if I “enjoy beatings?” Then he and Mark Warlick another Scientologist followed me across State lines! Scientology also took private confidential things out of my counseling folders and put them on the Internet.

I have personally experienced the abuses of Scientology. I will continue to fight for my kid’s freedom! Because of how Scientology operates, people are afraid to leave or say anything. There is a momentum now and more people are leaving Scientology and speaking out! I will continue to SPEAK OUT so other parents will know the Truth and hopefully never have to go through what I went through with my own kids.

Lori Hodgson