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From Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker:  16th January 2013

Tonight is the night we move into a new era: for the first time, a television network is putting on not just a story about some of Scientology’s worst abuses — spying on perceived enemies, degrading treatment of workers, splitting up families — but it’s being dramatized in a 1-hour show that pulls no punches.

We’ve seen the whole thing and can attest to the high production values and the respect with which the Investigation Discovery network and its new series “Dangerous Persuasions” is treating Nancy Many, who had one of the most remarkable careers in Scientology.

Previews of this remarkable program can be viewed here: Nancy Many – Dangerous Persuasions, and a schedule of viewing in the US. Hopefully we can get a link for non US countries soon.

This is a link to Nancy’s book and she will be featured on this blog at a later date.