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At one point my whole family were in Scientology & to cut a long story short, I & other members of my family became disaffected with the goings on at St. Hill, UK. We kept our mouths shut about how we felt..

Except for one member of my family, Amanda Kember. When she was in the UK, she was a little disaffected, but her husband had been sent to LA. He had been there for 2 years & Mandy was very undecided about going there, in fact, she started to like someone else.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But thinking back I think that Miscabbage (David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board) got wind of this & ordered Mandy to LA, so she went. She left in Sept 1998. At first she would call constantly & would cry down the phone, saying she hated LA. You can imagine as a Mother I was so concerned & worried about her.

This went on for over 3 months & I was going crazy, but this time I was very disaffected & started to openly say how I felt. Anyway, I got in touch with Bonnie & Richard Woods to see what I could do.

Of course, St. Hill became aware of this, so I finally got declared. At this point, Mandy disconnected from us all. On New Year Eve 2000 we didnt hear from Mandy, so I called the LAPD & asked them to go to the HGB to check she was OK, as I was very worried. They did & she did call us (this is the last time we heard from her) but she had been drilled to say she was very happy.

I am no longer married, I divorced in 2001, but still Mandy didnt speak to any of her family. Her father died recently & I called the HGB, LAPD & all, but didnt get anywhere. Mandy never phoned the UK.

Tonight I was watching a video on You Tube, a flash raid picket at HGB in LA & I saw her, she was coming out of the HGB, but saw the guys outside & went back in the building. She looked so gaunt & thin, that I just cried & cried & I cant do anything, I have tryed so hard over the years to get her out of there. I have lost my daughter, Scientology has alot to account for, there overts & crimes are so suppressive. They are the SP’s & I pray to God to help her get out of that brain washing cult.