OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy first child was born in SO*, in 80. As usual then, I had been on post until the night before she was born next day. I was totally unknowing about child birth up to then, I just had heard a few things of other SO mothers. I didn’t understand most of the language being spoken in the hospital. But I was lucky, I had a very good midwife taking care of me. Her name was Nightingale! She coached me through somehow, thank you again!
My husband had to go back on post, as soon as we had arrived there.

When our babygirl was 2 days old, she got jaundice and had to be put in another hospital for treatment. I didn’t understand what the excitement was all about, until I was put in an ambulance, together with my baby, packed up in a babylift. I was scared to death, desperately trying to get my husband there to help me. He had to be on post all the time, you know.

In the other hospital, they spoke my language and got across to me, that they would keep my baby but not me. They wanted me to go home and come back maybe twice a day to nurse my child while the treatment lasted, and this would be 2 weeks.

At that point in time, I didn’t have a clue, where I was, where the Org was, where my husband was. I just wanted to sit down somewhere and cry. I took farewell from my newborn. I asked my way home to the Org (no cellphones yet!), and I knew already, they would never let me go twice a day to see my child. And I would not even have money to pay bus tickets, and it would be impossible to walk there, in the condition I was in then.

Well, after all, I managed to go to the hospital once every day. And she didn’t take 2 weeks, but 5 days for the treatment. Then, we took her home and lay her in a borrowed cradle. We had decorated it with SO symbols, so she should recognize where she was.

When she was 3 months old, I was sent out on mission. After 3 more months, I returned, but just to be fired on the next mission. And the next, and the next.( You know: Back from mission, not yet back on post and already in briefing again. ) My husband sent me fotos and I could see, now my girl starts sitting up, walking, thats how she looks now etc. When I finally got to know her, she was nearly 2 years old.

She had a good nanny though, I must admit. A person that I trusted. Then.

In this nursery, there was no place to put children asleep. So at night time, the kids were put asleep in their parents rooms by the nannies. The idea was, the parents come home from post and find their kids sleeping in their rooms. Didn’t work on all kids! Not on mine. When I got home at night, my kid was sleeping somewhere in the hallway, door to our room wide open. Everybody was carefully climbing over this little bundle on the floor which was my child, sleeping and still sucking in the sleep after having cried for some hours. It also happened that I was phoned up on post: Your child is out in the hallway and screams! Can you handle it? Well, I couldn’t, as I was in the other end of town and not able to leave my post.

When she was 3, me, her father and her unborn sister blew together.
But thats another story.


It may please you to know, that the little bundle on the floor is a bright and beautiful young lady now!

After we blew, we got our second babygirl and soon after, the 2 girls got their beloved brother ! A lot of happiness, but nevertheless, a big big struggle on becoming a family, me and my husband becoming parents, me becoming a mother, building up an existence for all of us and – that was the biggest problem of all – keeping Scientology away from us.

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