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??????????????????????HBO have a new documentary airing this weekend called “Going Clear; Scientology and the Prison of Belief” and one of the people featured is Spanky Taylor who tells of her experience both within scientology and escaping from it.

This article from The Underground Bunker features an outline of Spanky’s story.

Here is an excerpt:

‘Going Clear’: Spanky Taylor on John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, and escaping Scientology by Tony Ortega

Spanky spent the next seven months in the RPF, housed on the top floor of the main, V-shaped building painted blue you see in great drone shots during the movie Going Clear. In the film, Spanky explains how terrible the conditions were for her, and even worse for her infant daughter. Also, she was pregnant again and was losing weight. She worried about losing both of her children. But then, church officials made a stunning request: Could she get a print of Saturday Night Fever that they could screen for the base’s workers? Shocked, Spanky explained to them that while she was on the RPF, she didn’t even have access to a telephone. But they arranged for her to use one, and she called Travolta’s office, surprising the people there. They hadn’t heard anything about her since she had failed to show up to pick up Travolta at the airport seven months earlier.

She was allowed to use Travolta’s personal print of the film if she agreed to see him, but at the last minute Heber Jentzsch told her to call Travolta (already after midnight, after the screening) and tell him that part was off. Spanky says Travolta was livid. Soon after that, she realized how ill her daughter was, and she decided to make her escape, which is dramatized skillfully in Gibney’s film.