Scientology is driven by it’s jargon, so much so that it becomes another language that only the adherents understand. As many of the stories here have the jargon, the following is a simple guide to the most commonly used abbreviations and terms. There are links to fuller explanations of some words.

Commonly used words:

Affinity – liking
ARC  – Affinity, Reality Communication  ARC is used as a synonym for love or like or general warmth
Auditing  – The action of running Scientology or Dianetic processes on a PC (a preclear; someone receiving Scientology processing). Auditing usually involves an E Meter, with the PC holding onto the soup cans electrodes, and the Auditor taking down notes and asking questions.
Bank/Reactive Mind – referring to that portion of the human mind that is unconscious and stimulus-response, which Hubbard blamed for most mental and physical ailments.
Blow – to leave suddenly.
Case – the totality  of what is wrong with a person per scientology.
Clear – One of the Levels; “A person is said to be a Clear when he “no longer has his own reactive mind’
Cognition – A sudden realization about oneself having to do with Scientology
Comm – Communication
Comm Course – an entry level course to learn how to communicate.
Comm Ev – Committee of Evidence, part of scientology’s ‘justice’ system.
Command Intention – What upper management wants done.
Conditions – The Ethics formulas of Scientology. They are, in descending order, Power, Power Change, Affluence, Normal Operation, Emergency, Danger, Non-Existence, Liability, Doubt, Enemy, Treason, Confusion.
DB – Degraded being, used as a derogatory term.
Declare/Declaring – The act of blacklisting within the cult; the result is an “SP” (Suppressive Person, someone who does not like Scientology) who can be “Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed” as per the cult’s policy.
Dianetics – Pre scientology, Hubbard’s derivative (of Freud’s abreactive therapy, among others) mental healing therapy
Disconnection – The act of severing ties with family, friends, and loved ones that the cult often forces its victims to do when these same loved ones are declared SPs, Suppressive Persons, (often for expressing doubts about the victim’s involvement in the cult) which the victim then supposedly becomes PTS, a Potential Trouble Source for Scientology
E Meter – battery-powered analog ohmmeter using in scientology counselling.
Entheta – “bad” news, especially anything critical of scientology.
Ethics – scientology’s justice system.
Fair Game – is used to describe policies and practices carried out by the Church of Scientology towards people and groups it perceives as its enemies
Freeloader –  is a Scientology staff who has left before contract expiry.
Freeloader debt – A debt incurred by staff members who break their 3, 5, or one billion year (in the Sea Org) contracts, and are thus required to pay for every auditing action and training course done to them while on staff
Grades – Levels of Processing in scientology
Happiness Rundown (HRD): Auditing based on the Way to Happiness.
HCOB – Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, a red on white directive containing Hubbardian “tech” for auditing or “therapy” procedures.
HCOPL – Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, a green on white issue containing administrative policy.
Introspection Rundown (being “babysat”) «A therapy for handling psychotic breaks in the cult.
New Era Dianetics (NED) – Dianetics as updated through further research.
OT – The state of mind that is the target of scientology’s technology. There are 8 OT levels.
Overt – a harmful act.
PC Folders – Preclear folders are the notes and administration on a person’s counselling within scientology.
PC/Preclear –  Someone who is getting auditing who is not yet “Clear”
Postulate – To wish into existence; a supposed OT super-power.
PR – Public Relations – of ultimate importance.
PTS – Potential Trouble Source. Someone who is in contact with a “Suppressive” or anti-Scientology person
Purif – Purification Rundown – a program to remove the effects of drugs in the body.
Sec Check – Security Check to find a person’s negative thoughts on scientology or Hubbard.
SP – Suppressive Person, an evil person
Theta – Life force, spirit, good news.
TRs – Training Routines. Designed to train the auditor “therapist”.


Commodore – The name Hubbard gave himself
C/S – Case Supervisor, the person who instructs and oversees a person’s counselling.
COB – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Religious Technology Center (David Miscavige)
ED – Executive Director of an organisation.
ED INT – Executive Director International, the head of the Exec Strata, currently Guillaume Lesevre
LRH COMM – L. Ron Hubbard Communicator – responsible for ensuring that materials written by L Ron Hubbard are not altered or degraded in any way.
Missionaire – A Sea Org member specially trained to do a Mission, and given orders, (which are often clay-demoed) and sent out to get something done
Senior C/S Int – Senior Case Supervisor International – responsible (through Case/Supervisors at lower levels) for ensuring proper technology has been applied.

Organisation Titles

ABLE – Association for Better Living and Education International – in charge of the use of LRH methods in traditionally “charitable” functions for society. Drug rehab (through Narconon), Criminal Rehabilitation (through Criminon), Educational Methods in schools (through Applied Scholastics), The Way to Happiness Foundation (the use of non-religious moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard)
ANZO – Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. One of Scientology’s “continents”
AO – Advanced Organisation – Responsible for the standard delivery of lower advanced (OT) services
AOLA – Advanced Organization of Los Angeles
AOSHANZO – Advanced Organization Saint Hill for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania in Sydney
AOSHEU – Advanced Organization/Saint Hill Europe — in Denmark.
AOSHUK – Advanced Organization/Saint Hill United Kingdom – at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England.
ASI – Author Services – literary agent for L. Ron Hubbard Library properties.
AVC – Authority Verification Centre – responsible for certifying that those you deal with using LRH methods or Scientology are actually licensed to use it.
BPT,NEP – Bridge Publications, New Era Publications – responsible for English (BPI) and non-English (NEP) publication of written materials of Scientology and L Ron Hubbard. Only legal source for churches to get published materials.
Cadet Org – Where children of Sea Org parents are “looked after”.
CC – Celebrity Center. There are several of these around the world, incorporated with the intention of luring in actors and other prominent people
CCHR – Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights – scientology’s front group for exposing abuse in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry.
CCI – Celebrity Centre International – responsible for organizations that deliver Scientology technology to celebrities.
CL V ORG – Class V Organisation – responsible for delivery of all pre-clear services, and for auditor training up to Class V
CLO – Continental Liaison Office – handles the same functions as ILO but at a continental/area level. They answer to ILO.
CMO IXU – CMO International Extension Unit – responsible for CMO functions at the flag level.
CMOI/CMO – CMOI – Commodore’s Messenger Organization International (CMO -policing and enforcement organization for COB, RTC, Watchdog Committee)
COSRECI – Church of Scientology Religious Education College International, incorporated in Australia
CST – Church of Spiritual Technology – Actual owner of trademarks and service marks. Supposed to ensure they are used properly by RTC and by extension the church.
ESI – Executive Strata International, headed by Executive Director International – responsible that churches succeed and that the organizational structure is maintained.
FB – Flag Bureau – Management of actual Scientology churches.
FFO – Flag Finance Office – in charge of the finance network, ensuring that money is properly spent and that management is supported by lower organizations.
Flag – The former name of the ship Hubbard was Commodore on, the Apollo. When the Sea Org  came ashore in Clearwater, Florida, they set up the Flag Land Base
FSO – Flag Service Organization – International delivery organization that can deliver all levels.
FSSO – Flag Ship Service Organization – This is on the Freewinds, the only ship in the Sea Organization.
GO – Guardian’s Office – scientology’s secret service, now known as Office of Special Affairs OSA
GOLD – Golden Era Productions – responsible for the production of all Audio/Visual items involved in the church, successful marketing (through the CMU – Central Marketing Unit)
HCO – Hubbard Communications Office one of the nine divisions in an organisation.
HGB – International Management building located in Los Angeles.
IAS – International Association of Scientologists – Membership organization and the “War Chest” .
IHELP – International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors – in charge of field auditors.
ILO – International Liaison Office – Management Liaison for all sectors (used to be Flag Command Bureaux)
INCOMM – International Network of Computer Organized Management – control of computerization for all of scientology
INT – The International Management level of Scientology’s massive bureaucracy
OSA – Office of Special Affairs – Deals with Public Relations, spinning the cult in a positive light, handles any legal issues and uses the law to silence critics and whistle blowers. (see GO)
RPF – Rehabilitation Project Force – “Ecclesiastical discipline” prison camp
RTC – Religious Technology Center, the copyright holding body of Scientology
SH – Saint Hill Organization – Delivers upper level counselling.
SMI – Scientology Missions International – responsible for successful missions of scientology.
SO – Sea Organisation    The Sea Org’s organizational structure is an odd mixture of military and corporate management styles, with staff members living in army-like conditions, receiving boot-camp type punishments for misdeeds, and holding militaristic titles within the organization.
WDC – Watchdog Committee – Members of CMO charged with ensuring their sphere does what it’s supposed to do.
WISE – World Institute of Scientology Enterprises – Licences secular usage of scientology administrative technology/structure.

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